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We have an array of equipment to help us cook a wide variety of dishes, from an Asado Cross- which we can hang anything from whole lambs to ribs of beef above the flames, to large cedar planks to hot smoke salmon directly above the fire, a fire cage with hanging grills, rotisserie & a hot smoking box  or a swing grill for smaller cuts of meats, flatbreads or roasted vegetables.

Ash has worked in a wide spanning variety of eateries, from Michelin starred restaurants to tapas & cocktail bars. Having spent his working years in professional kitchens, he has seen many different types of cooking and equipment designed to take human error out of cooking; he has decided to challenge himself and his cooking by going back to the bare minimum - fire.

Based In Carlisle, Cumbria, Smoke and Steel offers unique, rustic, live fire outdoor catering; we are utilising this traditional cooking method and taking advantage of its versatile potential. We have gone back to basics by using fire at the heart of our cooking. 

Smoke and Steel was born from our own experience when searching for a wedding caterer when we married in 2017; we wanted something unique and rustic for our wedding and struggled to find this. Being a chef, Ash decided it would be a shame to not have the food being perfect when it plays such a huge part in our lives; he decided to take it in to his own hands and


catered for our wedding himself. From this, we wanted to create something special for people to have at any event, from weddings to private garden parties to add excitement, theatre, and fully satisfied stomachs. 

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Cumbria Wedding Caterers

Having previously operated our own seasonal restaurants inside a hotel and on a campsite, we have seen the limitations bricks and mortar can bring. 

Smoke and Steel can cater for a variety of events; the scope of dishes we can provide is wide ranging as this cooking method is so versatile. We ask that if there are specific wishes in terms of food or event type, that you get in touch for a discussion to see how we can meet your needs to make your event as unique and special as you want it to be.  We cover the North West, Scottish Borders & Northumberland, North & West Yorkshire

We can also cater for Stag and Hen events. This can involve a workshop in which you can learn first hand the art of cooking with fire, cooking your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. If this is of interest, then please enquire using the contact form.

See our Live Fire Menus here

See our Pizza Menu here


Caroline  - 160 guests

I can't tell you how thrilled we were with the wedding feast. everything was absolutely delicious , we found you and your team so personable, straightforward and efficient, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you

Mollie - 55 guests 

AMAZING!!!!!! if you are looking for high quality and delicious food look no further, our wedding food was absolutely perfect and all our guests were so impressed 

Jack - 50 guests

We used them for a party last week. the food was terrific, and a culinary spectacle! Ash and Eloise were professional and straightforward to deal with, and i would highly recommend using them.

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