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Reggie is the latest addition to our fire family; he is a 1969 Citroen HY Van and also a fully equipped wood fired pizza wagon! Whether you want a low key pizza party or evening food for your wedding we have got the goods. We can cater for all manner of events so get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

**Unforgettable Pizza Truck Hire in Cumbria - Introducing Reggie, the 1969 Citroën HY Van**

Are you ready to add a dash of vintage charm and mouthwatering flavor to your special event in Cumbria? Look no further! Welcome to Reggie's Pizza Truck Hire, where our iconic 1969 Citroën HY Van, lovingly named Reggie, is ready to roll in and serve up a slice of nostalgia.  Whether it's a corporate affair, a romantic wedding, or an intimate private gathering, Reggie brings an unforgettable experience to your doorstep.

**Why Choose Reggie's Pizza Truck Hire in Cumbria?**

1. **Reggie: A Symbol of Vintage Elegance:**

Our 1969 Citroën HY Van, Reggie, isn't just a vehicle; it's a piece of history. Its retro appeal and classic design create an enchanting atmosphere that sets the stage for a remarkable event.

2. **Corporate Events with a Twist:**

Reggie is the perfect ingredient to elevate your corporate event. Impress clients, partners, and colleagues with an unforgettable experience that blends vintage charm with modern professionalism.

3. **Unforgettable Weddings:**

Your special day deserves a touch of magic. Reggie adds a unique and memorable element to weddings, creating a picturesque backdrop for cherished moments.

4. **Private Bookings for Intimate Gatherings:**

Whether it's a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or a family get-together, Reggie turns private gatherings into extraordinary occasions filled with laughter and delectable pizzas.

**Why Reggie the 1969 Citroën HY Van Stands Out:**

- **Timeless Elegance:** Reggie's vintage allure turns heads and captures hearts, making every event truly special.

- **Memorable Moments:** Create Instagram-worthy memories against the backdrop of Reggie's classic design.

- **Versatility:** From corporate galas to romantic weddings, Reggie adapts to any event theme, adding a unique touch that resonates.

- **Exceptional Service:** Our team ensures a seamless experience, leaving you free to enjoy the event while we handle the culinary magic.

**Book Reggie for Your Cumbria Event Today!**

Ready to make your event an unforgettable success? Book Smoke & Steel's Vintage Pizza Van Hire for your corporate event, wedding, or private gathering in Cumbria. Our vintage Citroën HY Van brings character, charm, and mouthwatering pizzas that cater to all tastes. Contact us now to secure your date and let Reggie roll in to transform your event into a timeless memory.

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Wood Fired Pizza Truck Menu

Please Make a Choice of up to 5 Pizza toppings to be served at your event

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